Hi! I'm Sam, and I run Samantha Lauren Photography!  I'm currently servicing Connecticut & southern Massachusetts, and east coast Wisconsin, if the scheduling works out!  We are Connecticans born & raised, but spent three years living in Wisco, so we love to go back to the Dairyland as much as possible throughout the year!

Short version: I am a natural light portrait photographer obsessed with capturing people's memories & moments-- both big & small!

Longer version: I have been obsessed with documenting life's moments since I was about seven years old and wasting my mom's polaroid film (sorry mom!)  When I turned 16 she took me to buy my own camera, and the rest is history!

Okay, not really.  I went through a lot of different phases in my post-high school years, wanting to be a hair stylist, (I still do, actually... do YouTube videos count as training?) an elementary school teacher, a business woman, a nurse, and a graphic designer.  Photography was my one constant passion, but in a back burner, creative outlet sort of way.  I never thought it would be anything more than a hobby.  But after dabbling in so many different things, I finally realized I could make a living doing something I so clearly loved, and loved longer than anything else in my life. (Besides food.)

I love photography that looks as natural as possible.  Some posed and traditional for the mantle, of course, but a lot of the candid, natural moments in between the poses too!  I use only natural, available light, which makes for gorgeous images, especially during the hours right before sunset.  I will shoot anywhere it's legal, and if it's your vision, I will help you capture it.  And even if you don't have an idea, Pinterest and I have a bunch! :)

Want to know anything else about me?  I am an open book!  Email me anytime at samantha.lauren@outlook.com, check out my Portfolio to see if you're into my style, the Pricing page for current packages, and the Blog for past sessions.  I also recently launched a Facebook page, which I'll be updating regularly.  I can't wait to work with you!