Michael, class of 2017 // kohler, wisconsin senior photographer

Meet Michael, high school senior and drummer!  His August session was one of my most enjoyable to date!  Not only was he super willing with all of the poses -- and I know that is not a high school guy's idea of a good time -- but he also put up with his mom and me geeking out over photography!  I also learned that his mom is the person I want to take car trips with after she  revealed she is also the type of person to pull over for a photo -- love it! :)

Check out some of my favorite images from Michael's session, below!

 Love shots with mom!

Love shots with mom!

Have a great senior year Michael, and good luck with everything you do!

Kristin, class of 2017 // sheboygan & sheboygan falls, wi

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting Kristin's senior photos!  Not only was she amazing in front of the camera looking like a straight up model, but she also drove almost two hours AND braved the horrible humidity, rain, and fog.

It was all worth it though, because at certain points, when I could actually see her in the fog, :) it made for a great backdrop.  And afterward, when it eventually passed, we had some great evening light to use for the last few shots of the night!

Check out Kristin's session below!

Thanks again Kristin, and have a great senior year!

Veronica, Jon, & baby // kohler, wisconsin maternity

My very first Wisconsin maternity session is on the books!  And what better way to start than with Veronica & Jon, first time parents to be, but apparently professionals in front of the camera! Not only did they look fantastic in literally every single shot, but they had great personalities to go along with it, and were so easy to spend the evening with!  

They opted to wait until delivery day to find out what they are having... I love surprises!

Sidenote: doesn't Veronica look just like Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead?  Am I right or am I right? :) 

Check out a few of the shots from this amazing session below!  Congratulations to Veronica & Jon! 

 I love what love looks like!

I love what love looks like!

flashback Friday, calling all juniors! // Sheboygan senior photographer

Snow is just around the corner!  Who's excited!?  Ha.  No one.  Except for me.  For literally one reason.

Winter pictures!

Throwing it back back this Friday to last November when Christmas came early, & a brand new 50mm lens was delivered to my house and I was eager to try it out.  Lucky for me, good old sister-in-law-to-be (at the time) Olivia was willing to go outside with me for a few snowy shots.


In my opinion, the only downside to senior photos is, seniors are unfortunately limited to the summer months and maybe the early fall depending on the school's deadline for their photos to be submitted.  Fall photos are always awesome.  The colors, the temperatures allow for great outfits, and it's just an exciting time of year.  However, seniors often miss out on the opportunity for snowy, cozy, wintery photos, either because their photo deadlines are early in the school year, or they are still  juniors during the year their senior school year starts.  So the only way to get nice, wintery senior photos would to be to have them done while they are still juniors.  

I used to be all caught up in the "authenticity" of senior photos.  I used to think hey should be taken during the actual senior school year or even the summer before senior year still feels like I'm a junior... silly things like that.  But now in my "old age" (for reals, it starts at 26, kids :)), I don't care so much about that anymore.  

Because of that, I'm thinking of adding a new kind of senior portrait session option.  One that spans over the whole year.  Not only does it give the student more of a variety of photos to choose from, but it also sort of documents the transformation from junior to senior.  If nothing else, I hope it at least invites high school juniors to entertain the idea of getting some senior shots in during the winter of their junior year.  

Gotta love the snowy shots!

Olivia, class of 2016 // Sheboygan senior photographer

How lucky am I to call this beautiful senior one of my bridesmaids & more importantly, my sister-in-law? Officially, for four weeks, unofficially, a lot longer than that! It's not often you find a teenage girl who is as comfortable in her own skin as this one here. 

We were lucky enough to squeeze these great photos in while Anthony and I were back in Connecticut for two weeks for the wedding. Being home is stressful because you feel this need to see as many people as you can, as much as possible, so the time feels structured and short. Therefore, having a couple hours set aside to chill out and do your favorite thing with one of your favorite people feels awesome!  But nonetheless, I still can't believe she's going to be 18 soon, and graduating at the end of the school year! Wasn't it just last week that I met you when you were like, 13?? :)

Check out some of Olivia's photos below!

Michaela, class of 2016 // appleton senior photographer

Sassy, artsy, fashionably fearless... those are just a few of the adjectives I can think of to describe Michaela.  All of those things coupled with her bold personality made for a fun, easy session!  She's involved in theater, so the expressions, poses, and little bit of sass that make her photos so fun came so naturally to her, and it's obvious in every shot. I had a great time working with Michaela! My one regret is not asking her where she got the shirt she's wearing in the last set of photos. :)  Best of luck in your senior year, Michaela!

Check out some of the images from her senior session below!

Ann, class of 2016 // appleton senior photographer

Meet Ann, a gorgeous Leighton Meester/Sadie Robertson/Natalie Portman hybrid with an awesome, fun personality to go along with it! I had some trust issues at first, since she lied and told me she wasn't photogenic (hehe), but I forgave her when I saw all the fantastic photos we were getting out of the session!  She and her mom were so easy to work with and they had some great ideas, which made my job easier, since I had to travel to their area, and it was great having them already armed with awesome locations.  Grassy fields, train tracks, stairwells... be still my photographer heart! Take a look...

The Fitzgeralds // sheboygan lifestyle & family photographer

Throwback to last Saturday when I got to have a photo session with the Kennedys!  Ha.. Just kidding.  But that's certainly what it felt like standing on the shore of Lake Michigan with three generations of this fantastic family.  The session was so much fun from start to finish, and it was an incredible experience, feeling like I was getting my own special viewing of what life and the American Dream look like.  Take a look at some of the great shots from Blue Harbor Resort, I guarantee you'll leave smiling just like I did. :)

Brittnei, class of 2016 // sheboygan senior photographer

First off, I was so excited to work on these photos!  Brittnei was an awesome subject and was willing to get up at the crack of dawn (literally) to catch the sunrise in her senior photos down at Blue Harbor Resort!  She looked awesome, and the light was perfect.  Totally worth the early morning, if you ask me!  


Kevin, class of 2016 // west bend senior photographer

Meet Kevin!  An incredibly friendly, polite Captain America-Superman combo!  We had a great session at Timmer's Resort where he actually works!  A gorgeous property, and fantastic subject. He is into photography as well, so he was extra understanding of the multiple shots and angles and lens changes that went into the session!  His wonderful mom even got in on some of the photo action and left me with a long list of new places to try out in our area, once of which is now responsible for my new chocolate croissant addiction.  

Kevin was actually the first senior guy I've ever shot, and it went great!  Best of luck in your senior year, Kevin!

Lawrence & Family

Let me start with, I'm so glad this happened!  For this session we were racing the clock and the weather, but between this wonderful family's flexibility and the weather managing to hold out just long enough, we were able to get some great photos!  Not to mention this is just the most adorable family and so easy to work with!  

Special thanks to The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin for letting us take a few shots inside!

Katherine, class of 2016 // sheboygan senior photographer

Pretty day, pretty location, and pretty subject!  Everything about this session was pretty! Katherine was a pro in front of the camera, and her outfit choices were perfect for the locations! Especially once we got down to the Lake Michigan location.  The long skirt and the lake waves were perfect for the hazy afternoon!

Jeremy & Carrie // cedar burg lifestyle & family photographer

My first Wisconsin couple!  Not only were they incredibly friendly and easy to work with, but they also brought along their adorable little dog Baskerville to get in on some of the photo action!  He was quite the little model as well.  Between Carrie's awesome umbrella collection, and their specific request to throw in some corny shots (loved that), the session was a blast, and we got some great shots in the beautiful Cedar Creek Park in Cedarburg!

Heather, class of 2016 // sheboygan senior photographer

First off, huge shout out to Heather for getting up at the crack of dawn so we could catch this gorgeous early morning light!  She is actually the only high school senior I know who was volunteering for that spot!  That's right, just after sunrise and she was up and ready to go, and I am so impressed with how her photos came out!  Not only was the morning light amazing, and something I've never gotten to use before, but she also posed like a pro, and even if I wasn't giving a direction, she just knew what to do!


Sheboygan Lakefront

Anthony's brother Christopher came for a visit over Memorial Day Weekend, and mentioned wanting a new LinkedIn profile photo.  It was a fun weekend showing him around our new area, especially the Sheboygan Lakefront!  We got some good LinkedIn head shots, and a few others down at the beach.  I love that he's always up for a photoshoot!