Kylah, class of 2018

Meet Kylah, one of the most well-adjusted, humble & down-to-earth teenagers I think I've ever met!  Not only does she have a rock solid head on her shoulders, she also had the most amazing answer to date to my questions about her plans for after graduation & beyond.

She told me she had a lot of interest in suicide prevention, crisis counseling and I believe she also mentioned youth outreach.  Not only was this a passion of hers, but she also worked to get her high school involved in this outreach!  What??!  

So impressed.  Especially when comparing her to my high school self.

Oh yeah.  And she was an awesome sport when, for one photo, "stand over there, it will look cool" turned into "actually there is a tsunami about to emerge from Lake Michigan." 

Not to mention, I think she is officially the first high school senior in the world to make a music stand look badass.  When she told me she was bringing one, I went to my life coach Pinterest to get some ideas on how to pose with it.  It was the first time in my life Pinterest turned up zero results.  But that's ok, we just kind of rolled with it, and she rocked it like everything else!


In the beginning of the session she (clearly) lied to my face and said she was "awkward" in front of the camera.  LOL, k.

I wish I were this "awkward" in front of the camera-- maybe I'd spend less time behind it!  Hehehe...

Have a great senior year, Kylah!  Best of luck in all of the amazing things you're going to do!